Using MS Word mail merge to populate table

Hello Experts..

I`ve attached a spreadsheet of almost 5000 columns called `Price List`

I am trying to mail merge that list into a word document so that I can get the entire list on 8 pages in Word. I do not know how to get the mail merge to go vertical first on each page then horizontal to fill up the page then move onto the next page. I'm stuck on this one.

I attempted to just cut and paste as you can see with the attachments but the document comes to (9) pages and I need it to be (8) pages.

I thought I could do this with a mail merge but not sure. Also when I tried initially to mail merge the second number field in the Excel document shows up will trailing digits - don't know where they came from.

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.


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Harry LeeCommented:

What you are trying to do has nothing to do with mail merge. What you need is Columns in word.

The truth is there are so many rows of data, which is meant to be a long list no matter how you put it in Word.

I have the font set to 5, which is pretty much unreadable, and not repeating the Column headers in every column. Still that will be 13 pages in Word.

Take a look at the file I have attached.

Is there any reason it has to be 8 pages?
shogun5Author Commented:

Thanks! But this is for a product booklet at needs to be 8 pages. I could simply cut and paste the values and make it work but I thought I'd try a mail merge. Or this if is not a mail merge project then was going to try to find out a better way to populate all 8 pages. I need labels at the top of each row as in the example.

This may not be doable. But wanted to see if it was..
RartemassLife CoachCommented:
I think you almost have it with your cut and paste example. If you narrow the left and right margins you can add in another column of data in each page. This should give you ample room to insert the data from page 9.

Is larger paper available to you such as A3?

Seeing how this is for a booklet this may be easier to set up in a desktop publishing application such as Adobe InDesign (licensed) or Scribus (free).

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shogun5Author Commented:
Yes. I agree with the desktop publishing concept. Of course never new about lists and thanks Harry for showing me that.

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