Unable to add, remove or edit permissions in Windows 8 Pro

I have a windows 8 pro lap top/tablet.  But i am unable to add or change permissions on  a folder.  The choices are all grayed out.  I have looked online and see that there are a lot of post about this but I cannot seem to find one with the solution.  Has anyone had this issue and have been able to fix it.

BTW this is with the Admin Login.

This is what I am seeing:

Richard ComitoDirector of ITAsked:
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Richard ComitoConnect With a Mentor Director of ITAuthor Commented:
I had just used the program files as the example.  I was trying to add the permission to a sub folder and was getting the same issue.

Today when I went to the sub folder I was able to add permissions.  I am wondering, because I had just added the tablet to the network.  Was that why I was not able to add the permissions to the folder right away.  I have noticed that sometimes the rights do take time to propagate.

For anyone that stumbles on this post asking the same question.  Here is a link that I found that explains how to fix this issue.

By default/design, not even an administrator account can modify permissions for "C:\Program Files". You can however modify permissions for files/folders inside of "Program Files".

Is there are reason you need to change the permissions for "C:\Program Files"?

It's highly recommended not to and you'd usually only change permissions for specific items within that folder.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
True - any reason you want to change the permissions?
Richard ComitoDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
The problem fixed itself and no one answered the actual question.
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