pHp Uploadify - using demo straight from Download - All seems to work ok in browser (ie & Firefox), but does not save to folder.

Using php uploadify 3.2.1 (also tried 3.2).
Hosting is on Windows server platform.
Using the demo code.
Everything works fine in browsers, no error.
File/s uploading to not reach destination folder.
Destination folder has write permissions.
Hunted around different forums, but nothing has helped.

PS: I have used uploadify for ASP (2.1.4) on the same hosted sight previously without any problems.

Going through the motions of rewriting entire site to use PHP and not ASP.

Have attached all files/code that reside in the folder uploadify runs from.

I did place some code to write messages from within the uploadify.php file, but none of them ever eventuated - I even deleted that file and it didn't change anything. So seems like the index.php that is supposed to call uploadif.php doesn't. So I am a little confused.

index.php kicks the whole thing off.

Any Help appreciated.
AIGSNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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AIGSNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
The information you directed me to did assist me in fixing my problem. Although the suggestions themselves did not directly provide the answers, they did put me on the right track.

Thank you.
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