Rate Limit outbound on 3750

I'm looking at options for rate limiting the traffic we send to Virgin port from our 3750 switch. Virgin provide EVPN which they police at 20Mbps but our port connecting to Virgin connects at 100Mbps (Auto Full). I've tried following to limit to 20Mbps on outbound interface which seems to have no effect

srr-queue bandwidth limit 20

The problem is  we have slow transfer speeds between sites. If we send data at 100Mbps and it is dropped by Virgin policing to 20Mbps this would cause drops and retransmissions (although I don't think this is the actual problem, but just doing it to rule it out)

Be grateful for any suggestions

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rharland2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Think about policing as an ingress functionality - packets not conforming are dropped.
Shaping is about using memory to queue and smooth packet delivery to conform to a bandwidth policy - and NOT to drop packets.

Here's a nice Cisco note on that topic that I think illustrates it well.

Policing doesn't really work on egress on the 3750.


Can you police on the ingress from your LAN, or is this an access/core switch with multiple ingress points from the LAN?
oasisukAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info,

Yes that's right, it's a core switch with multiple ingress points from the LAN, so I guess policing isn't possible

Am I right to think there two options for limiting traffic Bandwidth - Shaping or Policing?
If policing isn't possible, can we shape traffic? Sorry I may be misunderstanding this...
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