All fields from MS SQL table A and only the top from tableB

Hi Experts,

My MS SQL tables A and B have one to many relation. One entry in table A can have multiple related entries in table B.

With the query below I get a list of records so that works.

Select A.accountname, B.actiondate from B inner join A on A.account=B.account

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The output is like:

accountname      actieondate
JohnD      2013-2-12
JohnD      2013-2-16
JohnD      2013-3-24
MaryC      2013-5-24
GeorgeB      2013-3-11
GeorgeB      2013-6-21

But I would like to get only the latest action dates only like in the output example below

accountname      actieondate
JohnD      2013-3-24
MaryC      2013-5-24
GeorgeB      2013-6-21
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select A.accountname
     , max(B.actiondate) as actiondate
  from B 
        inner join A 
    on A.account=B.account
 group by A.accountname

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HuaMin ChenProblem resolverCommented:
with cte as
(Select B.actiondate, A.accountname,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY b.actiondate ORDER BY A.accountname desc) rn from B inner join A on A.account=B.account)
select actiondate,accountname
from cte
where rn=1;

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Barry CunneyCommented:
,MAX(B.actiondate) ActionDate
from B
inner join A on A.account=B.account
GROUP BY A.accountname
ORDER BY A.accountname
SteynskAuthor Commented:
Thank you Hua Min Chen it works excelently
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