P4500 G2 - Traffic separation

Im a trying to understand how HP routes its management traffic and if it actually does route it or not. Does everything go over the iSCSI network?

We have a few P4500 G2 nodes and each has 2 x 10gb NICs bonded and sitting on our iSCSI lan.

We are already pulling information off the SANs using SNMP into Orion using each storage nodes IP address (on the iSCSI LAN), is this not bad practice? Is there any documentation to show that this is bad practice or is it fine for this to happen? To get it working over the managment iLO IPs ill need to raise a few requests to re-route and add to our VPN etc.

Also, for email alerts, are these sent over the iSCSI LAN? We have had to add all our SAN node IPs into the email realys ... does this mean that all alerts (granted they should be minimal) are being sent over the iscsi LAN too?

Any insight here would be great. Explian it to me like im 5 would be even better.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The NIC's will sit on whichever LAN you configure the bonding for.

It is normal practice to separate your iSCSI traffic from your production network and in fact my P4500s are on completely separate switches with a router between them for access to email servers etc on the production network.

There is only a single network on these devices when in bonded mode.
Gerald ConnollyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This looks like it tells you what is what. http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/HP-StoreVirtual-Storage-LeftHand/P4500-G2-Separating-iSCSI-data-from-SAN-management/td-p/6167485#.Ui99nTC87ng

Traditional wisdom says keep data and management traffic separate, but it looks like the LH people had other ideas
Lamont77Author Commented:
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