Recommend me good Business PSTN/ADSL/Fibre Service (UK)

Used a number of providers in the past for business and personal.

Can anyone recommend one for the above?  Not necessarily cheapest.

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Virgin Media.Virgin Media won Top 10 Broadband's “Best Broadband Bundle” award in August 2008 and MacUser magazine's “ISP of the Year” award for November 2008[6].. In April 2009 the company receiving the Gold Award for download performance from the Broadband Choices Customer Satisfaction Survey. The UK ISP claims to have around 10 million customers[c]. The company also provides fibre optic broadband of up to 100Mb, with 120Mb due to be rolled out by the middle of 2013.
you can choose your require plan in this web site.

Thank you.
We are with Virgin Media Business for their MPLS solution, they are ........ ok ...... just expect long delays in solving the problem and if you need Rfo's (Reason for Outage) then forget it. In four years we have had not one!

We are about to move to Level3, but to be fair their focus is on international links and for UK only links they are not cheap.... For UK, I hear good things about Griffin through a reseller called They are a small company but with fantastic service. And their Internet Pipe was better priced than Level3.

Zen Internet are good but not particularly cheap. Avoid BT Business unless you are OK working through their local business centres. Left hand does not necessarily  talk to the right hand with them.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Hmm, yes heard good things about zen, will investigate
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Craig BeckCommented:
Hmmm I doubt sanjayrajt has actually used Virgin's service!?

Zen are excellent.  I used them at home for 8 years until I got broadband paid for by my employer (so therefore had to use a service they dictated).  I also used Zen's business services for around 8-9 years and I can honestly say I never ever had a single issue with any of their services.  If there was an issue it was ALWAYS BT.

If I wasn't getting my broadband paid for I'd still be with Zen.  I actually told their retention team that I was upset to be leaving.

I have used Virgin Media both personally and for business also.  They are ok, as chris-burns says, but they're not as great as sanjayrajt's post suggests.  I think you'll find that Zen have been awarded an award for service consistently since around 2003.

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CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Gone for Plusnet.
Craig BeckCommented:
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
I know i know.
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