a trunk between a hp 2530 and a 2510 switches

Hi there,
I would like to create a trunk between  a  hp 2530 and a 2510 switches
I don't find this option through web interface. Is it normal ?
If I need to use console mode, do you have a step by step ?
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no special inter switch trunking mode on HP switches. They do not behave differently then say other connected equipment.

You can basically use any IP connection, from one basic CAT5 cable to 10GbE fibre.

If you want to trunk some ports together, you can to this with static trunks or dynamic LCAP - this is up to you.

The syntax for HP switches:
trunk <port-list> < trk1 ... trk24 > < trunk | lacp > 

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For instance, setting up a static trunk for port 1-4 from the shell:
ProCurve(config)# trunk c1-c4 trk1 trunk

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You have to do this on the other connected switch(es) accordingly of course.
simlipAuthor Commented:
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Glad this helped!
And forgot: You have these options on the Web Interface as well, look in the interfaces config section.

And, you also have a nice text mode menu on the switches as well, use

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for that. The advanced stuff, especially verifing your trunk or dynamic LACP groups are really up, can only be done with the shell, therefore it is worth getting used to it:
show lacp
show trunk

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