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SBS 2011 / Exchange 2010


I have been doing some research, our network at present has one domain name eg;

This has been working for many years fine. The company has purchased another company eg

I have been following the forum and will do the following;

Add an Authoritive domain
Add an email policy for the new domain

There are only 5 people going to use this, best to specify an OU?

I was then going to create new users in that OU so they get the correct email policy, they want to be able to send using both domains, which seems to be a headache, is MS ever going to resolve this one...

Anyhow do I need to create a new SMTP connector for this new domain space, the current one goes via a smarthost?

My first post I thank you all for your help and best practises...


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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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Thanks for the advice, I am liaising with the smart host ref additional domains.

Ref the SMTP connector, will the server just send the email of the secondary address?

I have been reading about email policies, I think I understand the scope of them and agree that manually configured email address would be much easier
Exchange doesn't care about the sender address. All it is worried about is the recipient. Therefore as long as the smart host will accept the email then it will route.