verify ftp site on google

I am trying to verify one of our FTP site by adding google html verification file but I am getting 500 access denied error when I try to run from the browser.
Please can someone advise how can I run the HTML page from the FTP site?
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You can't. Google indexes ftp sites if a page refers to it. Then, while it is there, it will recurse the directory structure.

The verify. Html file cannot be loaded in the manner you're attempting to use because they are expecting an http resource.

If you want to make sure your ftp gets indexed, make sure you refer to it multiple times in your site.

This is a bad idea, however, since ftp poses a security risk unless you've taken the proper precautions to secure it as read only.

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arthur112Author Commented:
Thanks for your input.
Unfortunately lots of data which was sitting on FTP got indexed by Google and they are visible on the Google Cache Result pages. I am trying to remove the URL but there are more than 2000 indexed pages.
I was trying to remove the whole site instead of independant pages but its not looking possible anyway.
Any suggestion please?
You'll need to use the robots.txt file in your FTP site. Next time they come by, they will read the robots.txt file, see that it shouldn't be indexed, and stop indexing.

They may or may not immediately de-index the content; however, eventually the content will expire, and it will fall out the bottom of google.

Make sure you put as many directives as possible in the robots.txt file to tell google "this content is old, and you shouldn't index it anymore"

Focus on the disallow directive.
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