How to install sddpcm drive on AIX

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How to install sddpcm drive on AIX Can some one provide me proper procedure to install sddpcm drive. Thanks
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you'll need both the Host Attachment for SDDPCM on AIX (devices.mpio.disk.rte)
and the drivers themselves (devices.sdd.xx.rte, xx = aix version).

Please note that you must have already installed the appropriate drivers for basic device access, e. g. for fibre channel: devices.common.IBM.fc, devices.fcp.disk and the FC driver for your HBA: devices.pci.dfxxxxxx.

Get the host attachment from here:

and the SDDPCM drivers from here:

Which attachment package to install depends on the AIX version (for your AIX 7.1 I'd recommend, and which SDDPCM package to install depends on the SAN Storage device you're using (DS8000, V7000, SVC etc.)

Once you downloaded the packages just install them (the host attachment first) via smit as any other package:

"smitty install_all" > (select INPUT device) > At "SOFTWARE to install" use <F4> to generate a list then choose the desired package using <F7> > next to " ACCEPT new license agreements?" change "no" to "yes" using the <TAB> key > Hit <Enter> to install.

Please note that you must reboot your machine after installation!

If your boot devices are on the SAN and if you're migrating to SDDPCM from classic MPIO or SDD please consult chapter 3 of the User's Guide:*&uid=ssg1S7000303&loc=en_US&cs

If you need more assistance please let me know.


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