issue with message moderation in exchange 2010

Hello experts,

Have some strange issue with message moderation in Exchange 2010. Messages begin to come twice to moderators. After double accepting it goes out of the organization thru Edge Transport once. Only thing that has been changed is that now we have Exchange 2013 in coexisting mode. Any suggestions?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Could be both servers are doing the moderation checks.
It isn't clear what moderation you are talking about. Is this to a group, or something else?

R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
there's a section in the following article about having more than one moderated recipient in a message creating multiple moderator requests, could this be the issue?
see "Handling multiple moderated recipients" in the following article.
ameriaadminAuthor Commented:
We have the following configuration:
2 CAS/HUB 2010
2 MBX        2010
Have some rules for moderation individual users mail flow outside the organization. In each rule, we have only one moderator. So the fact is that after installation of the new
2 CAS  2013
2 MBX 2013
some of moderation rules begin to work as I said, and the others working just fine.
In the "Message Tracing Result" of the CAS/HUB 2010 I see, that it duplicated the message to new MBX server. Attached is the screen.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Do the messages have the same message ID?

ameriaadminAuthor Commented:
They do not.
I guess however that, this issue has been raises because of co-existence mode. Correct me if I am wrong, but logically if exchange 2010 has arbitration mailbox, and exchange 2013 also his own, messages which need approval comes to both arbitration mailboxes and somehow need approval from both of them (I know, that in this case messages leave the organization only after 2-nd approval have done).
Here is some other issue also (may be they are connected to each other).
Moderation rule for one of our users didn`t work at all. This rule stop working after I migrate this user to the new exchange.
1. I change the rule itself from ex2010 to ex2013
2. I migrate approvals mailbox also to from ex2010 to ex2013
Nothing changed.
Messages which comes for approval from mentioned user, after approving, goes to submission queue, where they stuck with retry status.
Please help to understand the point, as it cause me to stop migration process.
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
Delete the moderation rule, and re-do it.

Is strange as it is not doing it on all moderation rules, so my thoughts are that some have got confused with the 2013 server addition.

ameriaadminAuthor Commented:
also we have done updates
ameriaadminAuthor Commented:
moderation mailbox moved from old to new platform.
and the issue has solved.

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ameriaadminAuthor Commented:
after moving moderator's mailbox from new (exchange 2013) platform the issue has solved.
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