Query works in sql studio but not in classic ASP

Hi experts,

I've got a query that works in my classic ASP page. But now I made it more complex and after i successfully tested it in MS SQL management studio it does no longer work in my ASP page.

It is this query:

'SQL = "with cte as (Select ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties.actiedatum, ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.id, ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.afdeling, ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.inlijst, ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.reden, ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.account,ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties.actiedatum ORDER BY ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.account desc) rn from ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties inner join ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts on ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.id=ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties.account) select id, actiedatum,account, reden, inlijst, afdeling from cte where rn=1;"

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I get this error :

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14'

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'with'.
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Try changing with to WITH

If for some reason that fails, then try:

I don't really see anything else wrong with your code if that's all the code you have.

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I would suggest to create a store procedure for that SQL statement and making call to your store procedure from classic ASP page.
SteynskAuthor Commented:
Thank you Sammy
it's the leading semi-colon that made the difference ;^)

an observation: there is no advantage in using a CTE for this query, a simple nested subquery would do just as well.
      , actiedatum
      , account
      , reden
      , inlijst
      , afdeling
              , ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.id
              , ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.afdeling
              , ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.inlijst
              , ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.reden
              , ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.account
              , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties.actiedatum ORDER BY ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.account DESC) rn
        FROM ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties
        INNER JOIN ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts
                ON ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts.id = ADS_ongekoppelde_accounts_acties.account
      ) AS SQ
WHERE rn = 1;

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may make it easier next time
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