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DFSR Replication fine-tuning

I have DFSR replication set up between 2 file servers. We have folder redirection set up on the workstations, so a large portion of files that have since been sent to the server are iTunes files. I want to block the replication of these folders from replicating to the other server and remove them from one side.

Is the block as simple as adding "iTunes" to the subfolder filter? And is it possible to remove them from one side once the filter is in place without have the deletion replicate to the other side that I want to keep the files in place?

The OS on both sides is Server 2008 R2 SP 1.
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Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
You may have to redirect where itunes stores its files which is not easy if you have a bunch of users. IE point the storage to the local c:\ drive or something.  iTunes is evil on a work network.  Here is a link on how to move the itunes folder


Then what you will want to do here is install file server resource manager and set up rules to block those file types / locations on the file servers. (IE m4a,m4v and so on) That way if a new user installs itunes, that they cannot store files to the file servers. It also keeps current users from adding any more.  You can also have the rule send an email to you and the user that did it so they know not to do that. So it is all automated.

You need to be really careful with DFS-R and user profiles and redirected folders. This is a really helpful blog that can help you determine whether or not you have a supported configuration.

Also, with iTunes and redirected folders being replicated  (hopefully) at this time, I wonder if you have optimized your quota sizes to correspond to Microsoft's minimums with DFS-R. This is a wonderful blog with some powershell scripts listed in there to help you with the staging sizes. Also if you have event IDs 4206, 4208 and 4212 in your event logs, this represents real problems that need to be corrected with your DFS configuration.

citsloginAuthor Commented:
After some testing, I came to find that: Yes, it is as simple as adding iTunes to the subfolder filter. I also added MOV, M4A, and M4V file types for good measure. thanks for the input everyone.
citsloginAuthor Commented:
Provided answers did not address the question and went off on a tangent about folder redirection rather than DFSR. Found the answer through testing and shared for the benefit of all.
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