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connections keep reappearing in AD Sites and Services

I have a domain with one domain controller at a central location running Server 2008, and several branch locations with DCs running 2008R2.  Each branch is connected to the central location via relatively slow VPN links.

Sites B, C, and D are all connected to site A.  Sites C and D are connected to each other, but Site B is not connected to C or D at all; they don't have VPNs set up and there's no direct connectivity.

In Active Directory Sites and Services, I've set up each site and associated the correct subnets.  In Inter-Site Transports\IP, I deleted DEFAULTIPSITELINK and manually created these site links:
Site A to B
Site A to C
Site A to D
Site C to D.

My problem is that for Site B, under NTDS Settings, connections keep getting automatically generated for replication from sites C and D.  This shouldn't happen, since they can't communicate with each other.  I manually delete the connections, but they come back on their own.

How can I get the KCC to knock it off?
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Do you have bridge all site links enabled or disabled?  

More on BASL


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You may have some configuration issues in  site links you have configured otherwise KCC would not have created these objects

BTW Is the Site link is showing correct on Site B DC's i.e  is it replicating with other DC
As the network isn't fully routed first shutoff Bridge All Site Links (BASL).

I will recommend to create hub and spoke topology as this will suit the requirement ,disable the bridging and create specific IP connectors for each site to connect from the remote site to the hub and add the two sites in each specific connector.Create the site links as below.

SiteA to SiteB
SiteA to SiteC
SiteA to SiteD

If maula connection are created then delete the same and let Kcc do the job.
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Disabling this for the site appears to have corrected the problem.  Thank you for your help.