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I have a great little model that The_BarMan helped me build out.  I'm now trying to put the graphic with it.  It measures cashflow in a barchart and will adjust based on changing criteria (i.e. Benefits, Costs, Discount Rate, etc.).  Here's what I'm looking for.  How do I get it to project Red Bars if the numbers corresponding to the bars are negative and green if the numbers are positive?  Also, how do I get a marker (right now I have a manual marker that I have to move every time things change (the Red Line) that "pinpoints" the Breakeven Point on the graph?

Hope you're up for the challenge!

Thank you, in advance.

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SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, the two graph method can be a tad funky...
As you have the BEP line plotted on a transparent graph on top of the other graph.
To work on the bottom "main" bar graph, you just move the transparent BEP out of the way.
Changing bar colurs is just as normal then...
(select bar and use fil on home ribon, or right click format)
Once happy with the bottom graph, move the transparent one back.

This method is a tad fiddly, but the only way I know of without going into VBA.
But VBA has a tendency to be more hastle at times than the over graph.

To help with ligning up the graphs, I tend to...
Highlight a grap, select format from the ribon.
Then on align, choose 'snap to grid'.
With snap to grid on, movements are in line with the excel sheet (as a grid) and so moves can be easier.
OK, first bit is done.. plotting break even may be a tad harder :)
OK, for the second bit I have created a second graph...
a stacked bar chart
on it's side.
Scaled 0 to 36
Filled with no fill for all but a little bar.

This gives the desired result .

Is it OK?
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Bright01Author Commented:
This looks great!  How do I change the colors on the bars?  


Bright01Author Commented:
I did figure it out.. I see what you did............. life is an illusion.  Much thanks!!!!!

Indeed, all smoke and mirrors.
happy you got the result you wanted :)
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