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Workstation Backup Soultion - medium size company (200 users) - any recommendations?

Hi all,

Im currently looking at the market for a workstation backup tool to backup data. I have about 150 laptops that I want to backup to a central server. I have looked at Druva, does anyone have any recommendations?
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Frank McCourryV.P. Holland Computers, Inc.Commented:
I used Bacula running on CentOS.  Super product and open source.  You would need to have some Linux skills as setting up can be complicated but once it is setup it runs flawlessly.
Frank McCourryV.P. Holland Computers, Inc.Commented:
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Where I work, we do not backup the workstations. All the users are told to save their work on their server shares. The servers, with the user's data, are backed up. Much simpler that way.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I've been using NoHandsBackup for years.  Lately, with more demands, I've been using 2nd Copy in order to get file versions backed up.
The number of workstations here is much less though and you'd have to set them al up somehow AFTER setting some rules for where things are going to be located.
In that regard, my preference is to have a single folder per computer that contains *everything* of interest.  This generally means moving Outlook .pst files into that folder as well .. and so forth.  Doing this is much easier to manage than having a list of folders unique to each computer.  But, the folder names should be somehow descriptive in my opinion.  Still, 200 is a big number to do it this way....  I would be thinking about a script that would loop through the names of profiles or ......  Then all you'd have to do is maintain the script list of jobs and less down in the details of each job as if they were all programmed up separately.

NoHandsBackup has the advantage that it will run jobs in parallel (if that's an advantage) and 2nd Copy runs profiles one after another.  Then, 2nd Copy lets you run all the profiles with one command.
I generally now use Windows Task Scheduler and .bat files anyway but NoHandsBackup I didn't use any .bat files.

I know of no backup program that can prove restoration is working....  Not the same as verification!!
Acronis and Symantec both have decent products.
i agree with pgm554
you can go for Acronis Snap Deploy 4
or Aronis Backup & Recovery

You can have selective backup as well as complete HD image, incremental or differential
You can even mount the image later and view the contents and can schedule variety of tasks

The best thing about Acronis is an Add-on called Universal Restore which helps you to restore image of one machine to a different machine with completely different hardware specs.
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