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I've just been asked to create a tool for finding websites from company name+locations which have missing websites from our database.
I don't know much about how many automated-searches the search engines will wear before they throw you off...anybody?
Also does anyone know of any tools built for this sort of thing, or even parsing search engine results?
Or any other ideas?
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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There does seem to be some restriction on automation based on the posting on An seo blog:

Though that posting is a little old and may be out of date.

When I look at the BOSS Terms of Use it is not clear to me.

To be certain your best step is to ask Yahoo BOSS support and then you will have it right from the source.

Silas2Author Commented:
I've just signed up with yahoo BOSS api, looks like it fits the bill, but does anyone know if automated website searches is against the intention of the service?
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