dell precision 490 boot into scsi drive

Hello all ,
i got the dell precision 490.
a cable goes from the scsi controller card to the hard drive. and it have place for the sata power cable to connect into it. to power up the hard drive.

when trying to boot the computer, the hard drive is not being recognized. in the boot option there is no scsi. but there is on board drive which says (not available).
what should i do to boot from the scsi hard drive ?
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:

whoops, change where I said SATA, to SCSI.
There should be something like <Press F6 to Enter SCSI BIOS> show up on the screen during the POST.
Also make sure the ID's and Terminations are correct.
John-Charles-HerzbergConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
this doesn't help , as i am not trying to install anything, i just want to boot into this hard drive.
I'm looking through the manual, and it hasn't helped much yet.

Which SATA ports are you using? sata0, 1, and 2?
Have you tried setting it for RAID, and looking in the RAID setup?
Is there an OS on the SCSI drives?
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
will ceck on that once i am back home, and report
Thank you much.   : )
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