Service that forwards MMS messages sent to a phone number to an email address.

We are looking for a service that will allow people to send an MMS message with pictures from their cell phone and have it forward to an email address. I'm aware that people can just type the email address into their phone, but many people will have problems figuring this out so we would like to give them the ability to send a text message to a regular phone number that will then forward to an email address.

Google voice does this with regular text messages, but does not have the ability to do this with MMS messages. Is there a service (either free, or paid) that will do this for us?

Thank you
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I'm not sure if either of these will work for what we need. Here is a little more background on the situation:

Customers need to take pictures of some equipment that has been damaged and want to send this picture via text to our customer support team at However, customers will almost never know how to send a text message to an email address, so we would like to setup a number at 555-555-5555 that they can send this text message to, including the picture, and have that forwarded to our customer care team so they receive the message and pictures in their email through a distribution group.

Thank you
Ok then this will be what you want.

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OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
That would be perfect but when I go to their US site, it doesn't look like they offer MMS messaging there, only SMS. Do you know if this is the case? If not, any other providers in the US?

OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
It looks like those are services that send MMS out to other phones
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