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My users get the following error messages somethime when they 1st log in to ctirx " Citrix Receiver could not launch the requestd published application". Sometime the user will have to logout and in a few time before he can you the application.  Any Ideals
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Casey HermanConnect With a Mentor Citrix EngineerCommented:
Drop down to the command line and run

qfarm /load and keep running it. (I created a script to loop it)

I had this problem previously and it was because my load throttling was set to high and I didnt have enough servers to handle the number of logins.

So for example. If you have Application A published to server 1 2 and 3. Also if your load balancing, load throttle policy is set to "extreme." Your load throttling load will indicate 10000 until the login completes. So if three people log into the app at the same time it will hit all three servers. The 4th person will have to wait until the login clears.

That being said if you have it set to medium.. and the server load is 6000 for example, the load throttling load would be 5000 plus the server load (total = 11000). The total would be over the 10000 limit until the login completes. Which will allow no more logins to that server.  

If you arent using those check your other load balancing policy limits that you have set.
They may be dialed in too tightly.

Just some thoughts..


If you are facing issue for few users and not all users then there may be problem with Citrix Receiver on user desktop.

Please check the version of Citrix Receiver on user desktop. Download latest Citrix Receiver setup from below site and install it on problematic PC.
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