Formulas not retaining cell information

I have created formulas on a sheet where I use code to poplulate a form.  I noticed when I delete the forms where I paste the data to I get #Ref! in the formula that is to be used to paste into the sheet.  Is there a way to not lose the cell references in the formulat when data is deleted?

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You can use INDIRECT:


Where "Address" equals the original range addresses.

leezacAuthor Commented:
Thanks but don't understand.....

This is how it should look


I have a formula page and was going to use vba to add to columns on CPU sheet, but when  I delete the CPU sheet I the the REF! error on the formula tab


Note that the range references become static when you use INDIRECT, so to make D4 dynamic you'd need to do some workarounds with ADDRESS, COLUMN & ROW.  



Another issue is that while INDIRECT is incredibly handy, it can also get very expensive with regards to overhead if you have a lot of them.
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Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Don't delete the cells - clear them instead.
leezacAuthor Commented:
Rorya,  I tried clear and go the #ref! error....
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
You will only get #ref errors of you delete cells. Clearing them will not give you that error.

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