Auto Install Drivers On First Boot


I have my WDS Server setup, captured an image with all my apps and antivirus ect on it.

No I need a solution so that when the PC has booted for the first time, i want it to look at a network location or local HDD and install drivers from it.

Should i use DISM, and just inject whatever drivers i need?? Is there software to do this

Because I want to capture a fresh up to date Image now, but i know that when i sysprep, it will remove all drivers. I cant use the Persistalldrivers in AIK because not all the same hardware.

Any help appreciate!

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smckeown777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume this is your first time using WDS? WDS does this for you...if you set it up right...

This post explains it all so have a read and see how you get on
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