Outlook ALMIGHTY DATA FILE vs. email account question

Hello fellow computer lovers....

You'd think after years of working with Outlook  <<< oh yes...i just said that....  

that I would know the answer to this but I simply never tried to learn this little nugget of basic understanding about the program...

small office lawfirm, all using exchange 2007 on an SBS 2008 SERVER and clients running outlook 2010

They all connect to exchange in outlook,

they have hosted email with godaddy (pop3) listed as a seperate email account than exchange. When I added the email account into outlook (each client hits the email directly, not using exchange for email this way...only for their calendars)

So they have an exchange mailbox and data file
and they have a pop3 mailbox and data file which was created sometime before I took office at the firm.

Can i delete the pop3 DATAFILE and just use the exchange one without causing a huge upset to their email folders?

I've tried changing the default datafiles and can't see any noticeable change in outlook behavior....So wouldn't the exchange one be preferred anyway?  I just don't want to delete emails, that's my only issue for asking first...

I guess I'm a little confused about the purpose of needing more than one datafile vs. more than one email account...that has always been mysterious to me....YEARS....later....still.

The ULTIMATE reason I bring this up is because I need them to all be on ONE SINGLE calendar and no matter what I do they keep entering data on the pop3 calendar that is there which doesn't sync to exchange and thus the rest of the office. User training for attorneys is very difficult, they just want to click and go and expect it to work, period.

I need to simplify the setup.  

If it could just be explained to me in a way that made sense...it would click, clouds would part and I'd hear angels singing and THEN...THEN I could be the master of all things outlook...but ...alas...I still sit here puzzled, and in a fog....datafiles.....email accounts....mysterious....haze....i miss the dbx folder days....
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Why don't you just download mails from your external mail server to your internal Exchange mail server using a POP Connector and deliver these mail to each user's mailbox?
Frank McCourryV.P. Holland Computers, Inc.Commented:
You can remove the POP3 Data file, provided you do the following:
1. Import all of the emails into their Exchange Account.
2. Set the default delivery location to their exchange account.

Once the default deliver location is set to their Exchange mailbox, all mail from this point forward will be delivered there.  There will be no need for a seperate data file for POP 3 email.

We do this for users that want to combine multiple email accounts from multiple sources.  There is no limit to the number of POP accounts you can configure this way.  So now a user with YAhoo, Gmail and Exchange, can get all their mail in one place.

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