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We upgraded our financial and point of sale software to QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 and QuickBooks Premier 2013.  The upgrades were completed using the guidelines from QuickBooks. QB Premier is single user license but installed on the POS workstation and the accountant's computer in another office.  Previous QB software was multiuser license but this option not required for new version.  The QB company file is stored on a server but the POS company file/database is on a workstation.  QB Database Server Manager is installed on the server.

We have some issues related to the financial interface between POS and QB.  I'm posting them in this question instead of separate questions because we believe they are or could be related.

Issue 1:  When the end of day procedure is ran, the interface will abort if QB is not open on the POS computer.  Prior to the upgrade, QB did not have to be open on the POS computer for the interface to work.  If QB is started on the POS workstation, the interface will complete.  We have checked all configurations and even reinstalled software to recheck the installation procedure.  Could there be a problem with the database server manager, QB or POS?  Is the QB Premier single user license a factor?

Issue 2:  A sales receipt will not be transferred from POS to QB if a non-tax item, such as labor, is the first item on the sales receipt with other taxable items.  If the taxable item is first and then the labor charge, the receipt is transferred as expected.  Labor can be the only item on the sales receipt and it will post as expected.  The status/error code is 3180 - sales tax item must have a vendor.  This does not appear to be a valid reason because the item will transfer if it is the first or only item on a sales receipt.  This only fails when a non-tax item is the first item.  We have followed the troubleshooting steps on QB but all items were correct.

Issue 3:  In checking the troubleshooting steps on issue 2, there was a message that the financial software and POS inventories are not synchronized.  We do not have the inventory items in QB that are in POS.  All sales are made thru POS.  Do we need POS inventory items in QB Premier?  We have not entered inventory items in previous QB versions.

We did not have these issues with previous versions of QB and POS.  Any information or suggestions for resolving these issues will be appreciated.
Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am familiar with QuickBooks, but I do not use Point of Sale, so I cannot answer all of your questions but I will help where I can.

Issue 1:

Since the installation is now Single User (One License), it is normal (so far as I know) for QuickBooks to be running on the workstation for the process to complete. I think it worked differently before because QB was multi-user, multi-license.

The server manager should be from the newest version of QB, but overall, I think the fact you have gone to single user is the main contributing factor.

If having the workstation ON is an issue, you might wish to return to multi user licensing.

Issue 2:

When the error says "Sales Tax Item must have a vendor", I think it is referring to the Tax Agency vendor and then, true, the item must have a tax agency vendor.

Go to Lists, Item list and look through the sales tax items.

There have been changes over time to Sales Tax in QuickBooks and this is probably what has changed for you.

Issue 3:

I cannot help much here. Would it not be reasonable to keep the inventory items the same. That is what I would consider trying.

Please let us know if we can assist further.

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Barnett ComputersIT Services CompanyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  Your comments are appreciated and in-line with what I have been able to find in my research.  Issue 3 is not as critical as the other two because the sales receipt is posting in QB to our customer's account.  The company owner is out of the office until next week.  I will review this with him when he returns.  Thanks again for the reply.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@BNCAdmin - Thank you, and I was very happy to help you with this.

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