Publisher 2013 printing problems

When printing from Publisher 2013 we always get a blank page. This happens when printing to any of our printers including Adobe PDF. What solutions are available to fix this?
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ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Problem might be caused by unwanted addin
In Run box type.

mspub /safe

Now try printing.

If the above works then disable unwanted plugins

Jackie ManCommented:
Are you opening old files created by Publisher 2007 in Publisher 2013 and print the document?

If yes, it could be a font issue that Publisher 2013 no longer supported.
PIAdminAuthor Commented:

No the file was created on a publisher 2013.
PIAdminAuthor Commented:

I'll try that. Thank you.
PIAdminAuthor Commented:
Simple solution! Solved my problem! Thank you.
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