dedicated servers for cms social sites

Dear experts,

It seems that many cms for social websites requires VPS hosting account. Currently I am working on a website using Drupal Commons on a share hosting account, but I am afraid I will have to upgrade my hosting account to VPS to be able to use some modules such as memcache.

I don´t really have the budget to get a VPS account, so I was wondering if you guys know a a way to work around. I don´t want to start my site from zero, but I guess if I have to I would have to do it.

I am expecting the site to grow progressively, and I hope to purchase a good VPS account when I have the money, meanwhile I need my site to start running decently. I am expecting on average a two thousand people in a period of 2 months or so...

Could you please give me some advice on the matter, I have the feeling I am not seeing the whole picture.


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With the small numbers you are expecting you should not need memcache.  If you have response issues you may need to look at the pages to insure that they have quality code and no bloat to insure they do not load slow but the number of visitors does not justify VPS yet.
glepizaAuthor Commented:
what about if a hundred people try to register at the same time, would a share hosted support that?

Thanks :)
glepizaAuthor Commented:
So, I guess I can keep using drupal commons on a share hosting account while I get more traffic right?
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Yeah you should be fine until you have some traffic volume.  If you had 100 registrations at the same time (not a likely occurrence) then there would be some slowdown in response because the DB server would be busy but unless they all pressed submit at exactly the same instant it would not be a noticeable slowdown, unless there was also heavy traffic from other sites on the same shared resources.


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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
It seems that many cms for social websites requires VPS hosting account.

[citation needed]
glepizaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your input. I will try using drupal commons on a share hosting account and then depending upon the site traffic I will upgrade to a vps or dedicated server account.

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