Word 2010 'Save As' window / dialogue box long delay

I am having a performance issue when using 'save as' in Microsoft Word 2010.  It takes a long time to save or rename the file.  This issue occurs when saving across the network in a virtual environment, but I believe it is a registry or MS Word setting.  The delay is typically anywhere from 30 seconds to 2mins.  I found a discrepancy between two scenarios; one when it works correctly and when it does not.  Both instances are running in compatibility mode.  The main difference is one is running in a virtual environment and other is not.  It works correctly out of the VDI environment.  Again, I believe the issue lies in a registry or application setting for MS Word which I cannot find.   I am providing document with screen shots of the two scenarios.saveas.docxjpg of screenshots I would like to know how and where the change happens in the 'save as' box modified appearance.
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Tony GiangrecoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Word, select File, Options and you set the Save location and other options there. It sounds like your Anti Virus, Indexing or other process is slowing down the processor. I'd check to see if spyware is installed that's taking up resources.

Check performance monitor to see what's using the most CPU and ram.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Your naming convention also looks very unusual. Do you name all docs like the ones in yor screenshot?
jcasta2007Author Commented:
I found that the application that was calling on MS Word was running in XP Mode thus Word was also running in XP Mode hence the visual difference and performance issues.  Closing this ticket but awarding you the points for responding.  Thank you.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Glad I could help!
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