CYGWIN cal utility not working - Windows 7 (64-bit) running CYGWIN64


I just installed the 64-bit version of CYGWIN in Win7-64. Getting some weird behavior:

H:\>cal 2013

       January               February                 March
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
      0 [main] cal 508 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to cal.exe.stackdump

Also the CYGWIN64 terminal is not coming up.

This is probably something dumb that I am missing; has anyone seen this?
volleyballjerrySr. Software EngineerAsked:
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This tutorial on CYGWIN may help

Concerning the terminal are you following the instructions in the "Using CYGWIN" section in that link?
volleyballjerrySr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks jcimarron - I have been following the instructions for setting up the terminal under the "Using CYGWIN". There doesn't seem to be anything in there that resolves potential compatibility issues with Windows 7. So I am also still digging for a solution.

As a background, I had been using CYGWIN 32-bit under WinXP for a very long time going back several years. We just got new Win7-64 laptops so I had to do a reinstall of CYGWIN and selected the 64-bit version.

So far, experiencing these weird issues. The main CYGWIN website and FAQ do not seem to indicate any known compatibility issues but there is something not setup correctly despite that fact that I think I did set this up correctly.

I am at the point of considering uninstalling and reinstalling but I am holding on that for now.

Thanks so far for your help!
What version of CYGWIN are you using?   Certainly the latest (1.7.25) is compatible with Win 7.

Here, however, are some special instructions for Win 7 64 bit.

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volleyballjerrySr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Whatever gets installed on the main CYGWIN install page -- is what I was getting and I would expect that to be the latest. I will check with the link you had above to see what additional suggestions I might need. Thanks!
volleyballjerrySr. Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
jcimarron - Thank you for your assistance. The two links led me on a path to the solution which included a twist on a known issue with the CYGWIN.DLL. If you are accessing anything across the network (especially if there is a network directory that does not exist) than any Cygwin commands either from inside a DOS box or from a Cygwin terminal will be exceptionally slow because of some timeout mechanism when going through the directory path.

This led me to look at the path settings both for me as a user and the system path settings in Windows 7. I discovered that my laptop when it was configured by our IT team had path settings for local drives and network drives that did not exist plus application directories for apps that were never installed. Our lab configuration has these drives and it looks like they may have run the wrong config script.

What added to the 'joy' is that my D: drive does not exist as a hard drive but DOES exist as a DVD burner. This explains any time I attempted to do something from the CYGWIN terminal I would hear the DVD drive spin up.

After cleaning up the path settings, I at least have the 32-bit Cygwin now working and it is now FAST!

I had bailed on the 64-bit Cygwin, tried the 32-bit Cygwin this morning and had the same trouble so this probably has nothing to do with the 64-bit cygwin. So I will retry the 64-bit Cygwin later today.

As for the cal utility not working, even the 32-bit version no longer works in a DOS box but *does* work inside a Cygwin terminal so this probably is a bug.

I will report this to the Cygwin folks and see what they say.

I also will get the source for cal and recompile it just for kicks.

Appreciate your follow up jcimarron!

Best Regards,

Jerry Williamson
volleyballjerry--You are welcome.  Thanks for telling us the eventual solutions.
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