Uninstalling WSUS from 2003 server

I have a 2003 server that is the DC with fsmo roles. It is also a dns and dhcp server.  It currently has WSUS 3 on it which I would like to remove.

The programs I see in add/remove are:

Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (WSUS) 2011 installed
Microsoft Windows Server Update Services    2006 installed
Windows Update Agent Self update                2006 installed

My concern is that I can't remember if I used Windows Internal Database when I originally installed it and if I run WSUS uninstall, it might uninstall the WID. Is this used for AD and being a DC?
smantzDirector of TechnologyAsked:
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Thomas GrassiConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
When you install WSUS by default it installs The Windows Internal Database.

You must select SQL if you do not wish to use the internal database.

AD does not use the internal database installed by WSUS

Safe to uninstall
smantzDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Safe to uninstall all these?
Donald StewartNetwork AdministratorCommented:
When you uninstall it will ask you if you want to remove database, YES safe to remove.
Here's the official "how to" from Microsoft:
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