Print jobs go to print queue and then disappear. Don't print. No errors.


I'm working on an issue with a customer. We have an Oki laser MFP (C3530). I downloaded the drivers and software for the Win 7 x64 machine that will host it. I installed the drivers, connected the printer and it installs and shows up in the Printers and Devices folder. When we send a test page or send a print job from Word/Excel/Outlook, the print job goes into the print queue for a second and then disappears. It never prints. It never errors out.

I've removed the software, rebooted and uninstalled the printer. Disconnected the printer and removed the software. Rebooted and reinstalled everything. Still getting the same issue. There are a couple other printers - HP MFP and Brother MFP that have software installed as well. Is it possible they're interfering?

I'm at a loss at where to go from here with troubleshooting. Any thoughts?


Scott NowackiAsked:
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Frank McCourryV.P. Holland Computers, Inc.Commented:
Assuming the other printers print Ok, have you checked the port that this new printer is being assigned to?  Sometimes a USB port or a DOT4 port is created, but the printer does not get properly assigned.

Try stopping your print spooler service and then restarting it after you install the printer.

from a command prompt:
net stop spooler
net start spooler
Try to use the driver for a Vista for example. Try to change some options in the printer properties, for example uncheck or check the "Enable bidirectional support" box, try to use the universal driver or the driver from the another similar model. Sometimes the USB cord is too long and (or) it's thin. In that case use the original or the shortest and thickest one and then try with a longer one. Try to use a universal driver and try PLC5 and PCL6 drivers. Sometimes it helps to change, in the Ports properties, Raw to LPR and choose queue name 1 or to change from LPR to RAW.
>Print jobs go to print queue and then disappear

That is the default behaviour of a PostScript printer if you send it a non-PostScript job, e.g. PCL. Admittedly, the driver normally takes care of switching the printer to the correct language, but perhaps in this case it doesn't.

Try going to the printer's web page and check its printer language setting (may also be called PDL) and set it for whatever language the driver uses - presumably PCL5 or PCL6. Alternatively, install a PostScript driver from this page and see how you go.
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According to the specifications, the OKI C3530nMFP is a host-based device:

Emulations: Enhanced Windows® Printing (GDI)

so it won't support any of the 'traditional' Page Description Languages (PDLs - PCL5 or PCL6 or PostScript) - you have to use the appropriate host-based driver.
Weird. The data sheet does not mention PDLs at all. The PS driver I found is for a C3535 - a completely different (and much larger) model.

The website with the C3530 data sheet ( does not list the C3535. On the other hand, the website where I found the driver ( knows nothing of the C3530. Are there 2 different Okis???
If there's no such model on the side as you need try to see the list of models that are not being produced anymore. Also try to search the drivers on the site of the region where the printer was bought. Once I was looking for a drivers for a notebook that was made in another country and I only could find a driver when I changed the site. That was when I was searching drivers for the SONY notebooks - it was a disaster...
Scott NowackiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments. The only driver I found on their US website was the GDI driver. I will be working with this client tomorrow and will post up about how it goes.
Scott NowackiAuthor Commented:
We finally figured it out. There were some print security settings that needed to be changed in the driver to allow it to print. We could not figure out why the security settings weren't set correctly to begin with, but it's fixed now.

Thanks for all the feedback.

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