team foundation and sql server?

generally in source safe, we keep procs and code scripts.

how does teamfoundation serve or interface with sql server? is it more for keeping sql backup files?

is the concept just as sourcesafe or more involved for sql server with this new version of sourcesafe?

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jogosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Database project also 2008r2 ... it the visual studio version that is key. I,'m not an tfs expert so incannot be sure yiu cannot checkin. But if you combine it with a msbuild-scenario yiu at least know next day that someone breaked the code.
Teamfoundation the same more for the sources. But if you make it al database-project you can  make it more complex that you cannot checkin if it is not buildable
25112Author Commented:
>>if you make it al database-project

does this apply only for sql server 2012 and up? (and not for sql 2008 r2?)
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