linux upgrade with yum

Is it possible to upgrade and rollback in Redhat Linux 4 with yum?
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Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
yum was not introduced until RHEL 5; up2date is used to manage updates on RHEL 4 and lower
Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
also, just remembered RHEL 4 was end of life February 29, 2012 so you wouldn't be able to get updates for that version anymore anyway
You need to make sure rollback is configured in up2date:

enableRollbacks    Yes

Open in new window

To list available rollback:
up2date --list-rollbacks

Open in new window

not yum  (not intoduced at that time)

#up2date  prior to RHEL5


# up2date-config

this will produce a list with the current settings which you can edit
Fadi SODAH (aka madunix)Chief Information Security Officer, CISA, CISSP, CFR, ICATE, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP and CCIPCommented:
The rollback option in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is unsupported, rollback may break the system or make it unstable.  I am not sure if you can get any rollback or updates about version 4.
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