Accessing Citrix Access Management Console right.

We are using Citrix Xenapp5.  

Is there a way to grant a special account's right to use the Citrix Access Management Console without giving it domain admin right?

Please advise.

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AkshayNaikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Domain Admin user is not mandatory to start Citrix Access Management Console. You can use any domain ID for accessing the same.

Only you need to assign farm level rights to particular domain ID. Follow the below steps for same.
1. Open Access management console through your admin id.
2. In the left pane, select a farm. Then select Action > New > Add Administrator.
3. Look up or select the name of the configured user or user group account you want to designate as a Citrix administrator and click Add.
4. On the Privileges page, select the authority level you want to grant the administrator account.
Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
I would add that I also prefer a delegated administration model.

Particularly in larger environments, domain admins might not be fully competent with Citrix. I always create a Citrix_Admins and Citrix_Users (at a bare mininum) groups.

Citrix administrators are, unsurprisingly made members of the Citrix_Admins group and users the Citrix_Users group. It makes it far simpler to apply things like the above, GPO's (specifically, blocking them for the admins) etc.
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