C++ syntax. what is colon followed by...

I come from a C# background. I'm trying to interpret the following C++ code:
/* A typical Library with a collection of books.
 * This library will publish an event to all members whenever a new book is arrived
class Library
   vector<Book> bookList; //Collection of books.
   Library() :
    newBookEvent(this) //Set the source of event as the current object
   string libraryName;
   GoFPatterns::Event<Library, Book&> newBookEvent;  //Declaring an event
						//which will be fired when a
				          	//new book is added to library
    * Library public constructor which initializes library name and the Event
   Library(string name) :
    libraryName(name), newBookEvent(this) //Set the source of event will
            //be the current object

    * Function to add a new book to library
   void AddBook(Book newBook)
    //Add the book to collection
    //Fire the newBookEvent with the newly added book as argument

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We are defining a class named Library

It has a private array of Books (the vector) named bookList

Then there's a private constructor? named Library() which has no arguments. After that is a colon : , and what is newBookEvent(this)? I'm not sure what this colon notation means.

There's a public string libraryName

a public variable newBookEvent which holds an instance of class Event from namespace GoFPatterns

A public constructor Library with one string parameter (name), again a colon and libraryName(name) comma, newBookEvent(this). That's where I get lost.

Finally a void function AddBook which takes one parameter of type Book class, which has 2 lines of executable code.
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The ': starts the costructor initializer list, see http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/initialization-lists-c++.html  it is used to call base class constructors or initialize members before the constructor body is executed. A simple example would be

class foo {

  foo(int n) : val(n) {}

  foo() : val(0) {}


int val;


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