Pasting a table from Excel as a link in Word

I am trying to paste an Excel table into Word as a linked object so that the Word document will automatically update when changes are made to the spreadsheet.  I am following these steps:

1. Copy the table
2. In Word, click the arrow under Paste (on the Home ribbon)
3. Click "Paste Special"
4. Select Paste Link; highlight Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object (the top option in 'Paste Link'), and click OK

It goes into Word okay, but the formatting is slightly off: a couple of the borders that I have set at the thinnest setting for a solid line are showing in Word as heavier lines.  Why is it doing this and how can I make it paste with the exact format that is in Excel?  I am using the 2010 version.
Mark SimmerTechnology AdministratorAsked:
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I'm not sure what your problem is; for me, the paste is practically exactly the same.

The top border in Excel just appears to be thinner because of the top toolbars. Insert a row above A to show a new blank row above your table and you will see the full thickness of your border.

That only leaves the right-hand border of column B, for "Test Value 1"

I have tried re-drawing this line and when I re-applied all borders, it made no difference. If I paste it in normally then the formatting is completely correct. I would suggest you may have stumbled on a bug, as I removed and redrew from scratch and got the same issue...
Mark SimmerTechnology AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, practically exact is not good enough for a report to a client.  It has to be exact so that all of the tables are formatted the same.  My reports require consistency in format.

I managed to figure this out on my own.  The trick is to first make sure that the Excel spreadsheet is formatted with the same layout as the Word document (i.e., page size, margins, and orientation have to match).  Everything in the Excel table has to remain within all of the margins and the sheet has to be set at 100% for scaling.  Then you copy the table in Excel and use the following method to paste it into Word:

Click the drop down arrow for Paste
Select Paste Special
Click on Paste link
Select Picture (Windows Metafile)

You have to do all of your formatting in Excel.  If you change it in Excel it will automatically update in the Word document.  Some of the inside borders will still look heavier than they really are, but if you slightly adjust them in Excel you can make them look like they should.

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Mark SimmerTechnology AdministratorAuthor Commented:
The experts solution was not helpful.  I figured it out on my own and thought it would be nice if I shared the solution with others.
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