Get SBS2003 to forward some https traffic to other webserver

Hi experts,

I hope someone can help me with this.
I have a client with one ip address and no way to get another. Client owns an SBS2003 server and uses the webmail so port 443 on external ip is mapped to port 443 on the SBS.

Now this 3rd party app needs port 443 too, there is a second (web) server running a secured website that needs to be accessed over port 443. Site is secured with a certificate.

3rd party is not willing to change anything but changing the mapping to their server would kill my webmail. I can run the default website on another port and have clients connect using https://server:port/exchange but think that an not-so user friendly solution.

Can i map another port on the outside ip to their server port 443 and will that work? so lets say i map outside-IP:1443 to server-ip:443. I've used this with IP cams and it worked fine but i'm not sure if it wil work with a secured website.

Are there any other options i have not thought about? (simple options please , 3rd party suggested i put an apache webserver in front of the 2 but that makes things needlessly complicated imho.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time
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albert_miquelConnect With a Mentor it managerCommented:
Yes , that is the only way, map  external port 444 to internal server on port 443

From the outside you should access https: public_ip:444
But no changes are needed in the internal server

Another way is to use a VPN
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