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OWA 2010 lite: how to change the default number of items displayed per page

Good afternoon Experts,

We'd like to change the number of items displayed per page on the entire server, not just for individual users.  We're on Exchange 2010 and this is only affecting users on OWA Lite.  Having a devil of a time googling such a creature, anyone have the fix?

OAC Technology
OAC Technology
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I believe OWA light doesn't have that option

All options, with one exception, for OWA Basic are shared with Premium. The one exception is 'Number of items to display per page', found on the messaging tab, which is independent of OWA Premium to allow users in a low-bandwidth scenario to request fewer e-mails per page, helping keep their load times as fast as possible so that they can get to the data they need.

The subset of options that OWA Light has are:

    - Messaging

    - Message Options

             - Number of items to display per page: Basic Only

OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
Hi jaihunt,

Well I've figured out that the "Number of items to display per page" is exactly what I need to adjust.  When I log in as a user and set that to a certain number, it applies to every "item" (calendar event, contact, etc) when it appears in a list in OWA.  So I have options now: I can log in to all ~200 users' OWAs to change it manually, or I can set it on the Exchange server somewhere for everyone.  As you could guess, I'd rather be tasked with the latter.  

Any ideas?  Seems like this could be a group policy thing, but I'm no expert with GPOs.

Thanks again,
OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the research.  Wound up just posting on the intranet blog about how to set them for individual users when/if they have questions.
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