Access error code 438 - Object donesn't support this property or method

HI experts,

I have a Access program that I send out to different customers. In the an Access form I use the
Browse button on the form to locate files to import into the program.

This works well except for one customer that when they try to use the Browse button they get the
error code 438 - - Object donesn't support this property or method.

They can hand enter the path and it works for them but the button gives them the error.

Below is the code for the button.

On Error GoTo Err_BrowesBtn_Click
Call getThisDir
CmnDlg.initdir = ThisDir
CmnDlg.FileName = "*.txt"

        If Len(CmnDlg.FileName) > 0 Then
        [DataDirectory] = CmnDlg.FileName

        End If
    Exit Sub

    If Err.Number = 32755 Then
    'msgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_BrowesBtn_Click
    MsgBox ("(Error Code: " & Err.Number & ") " & Err.Description)
        Resume Exit_BrowesBtn_Click
        End If

End Sub
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needhelpfast569Author Commented:
Found out more information

the .ShowOpen command is not working on the clients they do not get a Browse window when they select the Browse button.

The ComDlg.ocx file may be the problem. The install program updates that file and the Browse
option worked on this computer last year.

I'm thinking that registry may be corrupt. They may not have utilities the fix the registry
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I believe the code you are using will only work in recent versions of Access.

Users with older versions of Access will not be able to run this code..

This code works in all versions of Access (except the 64 bit versions)
needhelpfast569Author Commented:
Hi boag2000,

they are are using access2007. And I asked the user to try to load the software on another machine in the office and it worked the browse window would open and not get the 438 error.

Here is his comment

Hi Rick,
Just to let you know the browse button worked on the other computer in the office after I installed the program and the workaround. See attached screen shot 8.

and this machine they are getting the error on is the same one he used last  year and browse code worked then and for the pass several years.

this is the same code I have used for the showopen for the last ten years
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Then this is indeed odd...

In this case the problem seems to be with that specific machine.
The usual:
Make sure the PC is updated for Office as well as for Windows
Check for any missing VBA references
Redistribute the front end to that user

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needhelpfast569Author Commented:
hi boag2000,

Yes crazy stuff here is what I found check this out that I put together

Runtime Error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method

I am facing the run time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method. It works fine from last 15 days & at sudden by yesterday,gives me this error in all Treeview/Listview controls of M/S common controls 6.0 (SP2). Can anyone help me in this issue?

Access 2003
I'm also getting this issue in a XP Access 2003 environment... I think this relates to either a windows update, virus update or windows defender update.

I am using XP MS Access 2007. My errors are solved by doing Window update. Try to check out. Thank you for your help. I aprreciate

Office 2003 also has a HotFix that can be applied after the latest ServicePack (either 2 or 3, I'm not sure).

KB973346 (Active X kill bit) caused this issue.... Not sure how... but will use filemonitor or another sysinternal tool to find out!

Removed windows update KB973346 resolved this issue and can recreate it by re-adding the update!!

How bizarre!

Here is the link to the hotfix for access 2003

Here is the link to the hoxfix for access 2007
needhelpfast569Author Commented:
Check out my comments I added to the end of the list. Interesting
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:


needhelpfast569Author Commented:
Thanks for your help Jeff
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