Split DNS Perhaps?

We are hosting our own Exchange server so, the question is why can't the wireless users access our mail server.   Our domain is xxxxx.local which is configured for a network.  Wireless router is configured for  Access externally and from the 10. network are fine it's just the clients.  Figured they would route out the Sonicwall WAN and connect as they were external clients.  What is the best solution to this problem.

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AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:

You say that your wireless router is using, but what settings do you have to route between your and your wireless subnet?

Can you post the actual configuration files for the gateway of

Not sure exactly what you mean by 'route out' but if you mean that you were expecting traffic to exit from your LAN, then re-enter from the WAN, then that is likely the problem.  You need to route from direct to the

albert_miquelit managerCommented:
You can do severas things,
One letra sonicwall catch the repuesto and Sendit inside with a nat rule

Other way is spofing dns , you add a host zone Mail.domain.com and a host a with the internal ip on domain controllers dns
Then the wifi users will acces to internal ipS directly
Blue Street TechLast KnightsCommented:
Hi Webcc,

What model of your SonicWALL?

Depending how you have the Zone Rules setup...take a look at your Firewall Rules for each Zone.

Let me know how it goes?
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