How can I create a table in word where the row and column size are equal (with spacing between at 0.25)?

I have 11 x 17" paper.

I am trying to create a checkerboard (8 rows x 8 columns) table with the following dimensions:

Each cell in the 8x8 table is 1 inch high by 1 inch wide, separate by .25 spacing.

I have spent a lot of time on this and have not figured out how to do it.

Thanks for your help.
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LessonsLearnedAuthor Commented:
Correction the row size is like this:

Starting in Cell A1:

.25 spacing, cell A1 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A2 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A3 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A4 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A5 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A6 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A7 @ 1" wide x 1" high, .25 spacing, cell A8 @ 1" widex 1" high, .25 spacing

which equals 8" + (9 * .25") =10.25
LessonsLearnedAuthor Commented:
See image below.  Columns 1 and 8 are not 1 inch wide, though it says it is.  Columns 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are correct (1 inch size).
You might need to make your page margins wider, and perhaps change the auto fit to 'fixed column width'...

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Steps I took
1. Page Layout - set dimensions
2. Insert 8 * 8 table
Switch to Table LAYOUT ribbon tab
3. set table to "Fixed Column Width"
4. set cell size: height 2.54 cm
5. set cell size: width 2.54 cm
6. press cell margins: tick allow spacing, set to 0.635 cm
7. surprised to see width change...

but final result seems about right... see attached.LessonsLearned.docx
LessonsLearnedAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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