How do I make slides in 1920 by 1080?

Hi experts,

I thought I had done this before. Is there a way to export your Powerpoint slide in 2013 in 1920 by 1080, which is what the flat screen is?

I have read it is under File, but as soon as you click on File, it takes you to the Publish, Save, Print, Export settings, etc.

I have tried the Design tab.

I have no issue exporting the slide to a .jpg. But, it seems that somewhere I should get to choose what size the slide is in pixels. Although, most of my online research says you can't. Is 16 by 9 the best way to go?

Thank you.

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For high-res exports, you need something like PPTools Image Export:

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Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks Echo_S,

I had could across something on PPTools, but kind of glossed over it. Thanks. That looks like what I need.

This may be a separate question. It's nice to put a scenery shot of a jpg from Google Images. Will this help with that as well?
? Not sure what you're asking about with regard to Google images.

Image export will export your slide as an image at whatever res you specify.

If you have an image from google (or wherever) on the slide, it will get saved out as part of the slide image -- but it won't get saved as a separate image or anything. Image Export also doesn't resample images (the way Photoshop does, for example), so if you insert a tiny image and enlarge it on your slide and it looks pixellated, it's still going to look pixellated when you export the image of the slide.

Is that what you're asking?
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Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks. Not really. In my office, we have a 47 inch flat screen. We make slides such as "Flu shots are in. Babies six months and up can have injectable. Two years and up can have injectable or the nasal spray. (Of course, you know they take the nasal spray).

So, I make the slide and export as a jpg. I name it 001Slide.jpg and put it in a folder and copy to a SD card. Works great. But, it's nice to insert a nice picture in between each slide. So, I go to Google Images (could be anywhere, but they have hundreds) and save a picture as a jpg. Put it in the folder as 002Slide.jpg. So, I get Info, picture, info, picture, etc. I have always been able to save the pictures so they take up the entire screen. Lately, I have a few with black bars on the side as they don't seem to be 16 x 9.

Sorry, if I am not clear. You have already been tremendously helpful. :-).
No, Image Export won't do anything with those. Insert them onto your slide, then click Crop. You can drag the round handles of the picture to enlarge it to fit better within the cropped area.

Or, better yet, just crop to 16:9 aspect ratio. This feature was introduced in PPT 2010. Select the pix and click the bottom of the crop button and choose 16:9. It's pictured here -- but you're not going for the 1:1 aspect ratio, of course.
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks Echo. Works perfectly!
Glad to hear it.
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