Location of MySQL data directory inside Dropbox / Google Drive folder

I am setting-up a new MySQL database on a new machine, and I was considering to change the default data-directory to a new folder, specifically, inside my Dropbox folder.  In actual fact, my Dropbox folder is inside my Google Drive folder, and I was wondering if there is any downside to setting the MySQL data directory inside these folders.

Is this something that will provide me with added levels of backup protection?  Or are there risks and downsides that I am not appreciating?  

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You have to consider that Dropbox and Google Drive will sync regularly whenever something is changed in the files inside the directory.  This will cause a lot of traffic whenever there are changes to your data.  If that's not an issue then it might be worth a try.

Personally I would rather have the Dropbox directory be the location I put my backups to.

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DanielAttardAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the ideas @johanntagle.  I guess it makes sense to use Dropbox as the location to put the backups rather than the primary data.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Theoretically you could but it is not a good idea other then using it locally for development.  Dropbox is a front end for amazon simple storage.  And looking at Amazon's faq, http://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/#Can_I_host_my_static_website_on_Amazon_S3 they say hosting static files is ok but not for dynamic.  

Web and data servers are designed to manage the type of traffic and security required to host a dynamic site or database.  I agree this would not be a good idea.  However, using cloud services for hosting your db that are meant for a db are probably better idea today then traditional shared hosting.  

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