ringing out / toning out wires cabling 25 par telco cables tips

Sorry, I am rusty at this. I do it once in a blue moon and in simpler arrangements.

I am trying to ring out cables in an OLD 3 story building.  They have loads of 25 pair Telco cables and 99% are unused.  Trying to get from the 3rd floor to the basement to bring up a single POTS line.   In 1 closet, I found 4 separate patch panels, 1 linking to another.  I have a tone set line this:


mine is much older but works fine (I think).  I have a regular phone that I use as a butt set.

If the tone box is making tone, and I clip it to the regular phone, I would have thought I would hear the hi /low tone in the phone?  But that doesn't seem to be the case.  If I clip the tone box on a pair with dial tone, then the phone will hear the dial tone AND hi / low.  Does the tone box not make enough signal to hear on a regular phone?

All that said, how do you find the pair in a 25 pair cable that you have the tone box hooked up to?  I have a strong idea of the pair from the loudness of the toner, but several wires pick up the tone from the wires running parallel in the building.

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Do you have a volt meter or a ohm meter?

Volt meter should register voltage on the pair the tone is on.

If you just use a jumper on one end, the ohm meter should show a very low resistance depending on the length of the cable.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks.  good tips!

would you think that with a tone generator routed into a phone you should hear the tone clearly in the phone? it's very faint.

do you know what the 2 screws on the end of a 200EP tone probe are for? literature says for a phone set, but not sure how it would be used.
hi tone generator will generates the signal it only hear that devices probe.Please understand something our phone equipment is not a simple one it will filter particular frequencies and noise unwanted sounds etc.And the signal power have some range etc.tone generators is the device not build for hear the tones in your normal phone.it is the equipment using to find pairs and able to hear only it probe.

Thank you.

If you are using Fluke machine as a continuity tester you can talk each other .That means point to point communication possible fluke machine.But that pone also unable to hear through normal phone.
--> would you think that with a tone generator routed into a phone you should hear the tone clearly in the phone? it's very faint.

No, I would expect a tone generator to generate a tone that would not interfere with the phone line.  Think about it, if you were toning out lines in an active system you would cause unwanted interfere with conversations going on as you worked.

---> do you know what the 2 screws on the end of a 200EP tone probe are for?

They are probably talking about the type of phone set a telephone repair person would normally carry.  They have two wires with alligator clips on them just like the tone generator does.  Why you would connect one to the pro
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