bridging network to wireless network


I have a house network that has all the rooms in the house connected.  In one of the rooms i have a wireless router that hosts my wireless printers.

Problem is that i cant print from my network connected printers since they are on a different network.

How do i get to them?

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What type of wireless access point do you have?

What type of wired switch do you have?

How are they connected?

First if it is connect the wireless printer to access point.Find the IP Address and ping that IP address from your system.If you can ping. you can defiantly print  .If printer is geting different range of address. your system can't access your printer.
prositAuthor Commented:
It's a cisco ea4500.

Wired switch is just a switch, no network translation.

House has some sort of cable modem in a patch panel that connects all the network outlets in the house.

In my office, from that outlet, I have the cisco switch which provides internet to wireless devices as well as my wireless printers.

So the devices on my wired network cannot see devices on the wireless network and vice versa.

I'm sure I can't be the only one with that ptoblem

I know I could just place the wireless switch in the patch panel but there must be a way no?

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prositAuthor Commented:
Oh, and no I can't ping it, the wired devices is on 192.168.0.??? and wireless devices 192.168.1.???
Hi ,
Do one thing your wireless printer IP address configure manually in the range of  wired device or If it possible DHCP of wireless devices can change same range of wired device.I hope home network will not case any problem, in same range if you have only few equipment.

Thank you.
Still need to know what type of switch you have.  If it is "just a switch" then there is NO way it could provide Internet access to both of your networks.  It must have some type of routing (a.k.a. L3) function.

If both your wired subnet ( and your wireless subnet ( have internet access, then something is route traffic.

I am assuming that both subnets use a /24 (mask of

Since you have two different subnets that means you have two devices doing DHCP.  You should be able to configure just one o f

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prositAuthor Commented:

I ended up just adding the wireless router in between and that resolved it.

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