Cabling 25 pair telco tone set ringing out a single pair

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Related to another question I just posted.

Old building with loads of 66 blocks / 25 pair cables / cross connects all over the place.

I have a tone set and a phone acting as a butt set.

I have a 4 pair wire going to a jack on 3rd floor.  I assume it goes from the 2 pair wire to a 66 to 25 pair cables, etc. etc. to the basement 66 block.

I can put the tone generator on a pair on that 4 wire jack and hear it on the 66 block in the basement, but how do I know exactly which pair it is downstairs. Yes the tone probe seems to indicate approximately what pair on the 66 block, but there's several pairs in that area (it's a split 66 block).   how do I know for sure? what tools do I need?
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if you tone generator will act as a continuity tester you can identify exact cable easily.First connect tone tester one side and go to another side and get the voice then ,your tone hearing equipment have Rj 45 ,RJ 11 jack use a patch code use one end and cut another end. And find blue and blue white cable.if you have any idea about cable(voice is coming from pair) touch blue and blue white that particular pairs if it is right cable and tone tester LED will turn green to red indication. (LED indication come times differend for differend tone testers)
touch blue and white at far end when the tone generator with light is at the other end? really need 2 people then?
yes.first you find the color code connect the equipment one end and go to another end find the color code of cable and do testing.If you can only need one or two cables you can find your self.Other wise you need two people.

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