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I have a client that Outlook 2013 keeps crashing.  It appears that it starts to download 107 messages & then crashes on message #83...

Only thing he did today was uninstall Dragon naturally speaking because he seemed it was conflicting with Outlook... After that it just keeps crashing..  Not sure if they are related or not, but thought I would mention...

Not sure which direction to take, how can I see why Outlook keeps crashing?

I hope someone can help!  Thanks :-)
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Can you identify and then delete message 83 via WebMail?

What if using Outlook Web Access (OWA)?



No not anymore... I moved all of the yahoo inbox mail to another folder & then when I moved back, it wanted to re download 1674 emails into outlook...

I am going to start out again tomorrow by moving all the inbox to another folder, then create a new .pst & see if it errors out with the same email address...

If u can think of anything else, please let me know :-)
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Well I moved all inbox email to a folder on the webmail, so the email should be clear & nothing to download...

It still wants to download like a 110-112 messages everytime & then outlook crashes about 78 / 79 th message...

I did create a NEW .pst and it sees 111 messages that are not showing in the yahoo webmail inbox?  

Is there a way to clear a cache or something, that it thinks it sees something that is not there?

I also flushed out internet explorer, cookies / temp / etc.

So I don't know where its getting these 111 emails????

I was going to try the scanpst, but its happening on multiple .pst even the NEW one I created...

Either Yahoo is not purging mail some how & there is a corrupt message there, or Outlook is not purging something... I am at a loss...

I think if there was a way to clear Yahoo somehow of those messages that are NOT there that Outlook is seeing, that would be the solution.... Yikes... I really don't know...

Thanks if you have any others ideas, I would luv to try them.  PLEASE really need help on this. :-)


Outlook, just keeps downloading the same about 100 or so messages & crashes about 3/4 way through... message 70-80...

I have moved all yahoo inbox messages to another folder... so there is NO inbox messages at Yahoo Webmail, but Outlook is seeing 100 or so from somewhere??

Well just to update u... I went round & round & what seemed to work was to setup the email on another machine & download those messages & "don't leave a copy on the server" so they finally came down.  When I went back to the machine that started all of this, I was able to open & download messages, there was only one on the server & Outlook did not crash...

Hope that helps anyone looking for a solution to this weird scenario!

Thanks for ur help Michael!


After all said and done, I stumbled across the fix... & it worked for me.

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