Corrupt Images on DVD

Have a client with some photos on DVD, appears several are corrupt and cannot load the images on her computer.  Any software that might correct this issue?
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Chris WongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try photorec. It's free.

Select your DVD from the list of media it finds and give it a place to save the photos to on your hard disk when you are asked "Where to Save Recovered Files" (it defaults to saving recovered files in subfolders under Photorec named recup_1, etc.), but you can change it to something else if desired.

Don't worry about changing any of the other options. Just leave everything else at the defaults (Partition type, file types to recover, etc.) and it will try to recover any images it can find.

Here's a page showing you how to use this software:
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
There is not much you can do to recover a corrupt image from a DVD. Even if you see the thumbnail image, it may be too far gone to recover. Also, you should try to transfer the remaining images to a new DVD just in case.

It's always good to have 2 copies of all images, just in case. Flickr now offers 1 terabyte of space for images at NO COST!
Is the DVD scratched so that info on those spots is causing the images not to load?
Try cleaning the disc with a form of isopropyl alcohole on paper wiping outwards from center never circular,
 or even a soft cloth with some spray on furniture polish that could fill the scratches a little
The disc is simply a plastic disc clear then a mirror is added and that is where your tracks info is written to and it is not on the same side as where you see scratches but on the other side under the label where the mirror is.
But if the clear plastic part gets scratches too deep the laser cant always read through it to the mirror.
How to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD
Are you able to get a thumbnail view of the disc images?? possibly use the snipping tool to grab a small image of the photos?
if you get a CRC error there's a special trick i once learned: put the disc into your freezer and  let it stay there for around 15 minutes - after that put it back into your drive - some files can be read again and you are able to copy them to your hard disk

//edit: you can repeat this procedure several times - but i would advise against a continuous freezing of the disc
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