Slow Download Speed

Hello All,

I am currently having trouble getting my desktop wireless download speed to match what my laptop speeds are reaching. My laptop is currently getting ~25MBps whereas my desktop is getting ~4MBps. Upload speeds are both roughly at 5MBps. I am testing from the same location.

I have attached the specs of my desktop.

I have tried just about everything on my wireless router, which is an Cisco Linksys E1200.

Network Mode: Mixed, Wireless N, Wireless B, Wireless G, Wireless B/G --None have improved speeds

Channel Width: Auto (20 or 40 Mhz), and 20Mhz

Channel: I have tried every single one from 1-11

WMM Support: Enabled, Disabled

UPnP: Enabled, Diabled

Security Mode is set to WPA2 Personal.

Any ideas?
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terencinoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK that's great, so the issue must be with your wireless card. Let's start with the drivers. That Linksys PCI card is actually based on a Ralink chipset, so the source drivers might make a difference. Can you uninstall the Linksys drivers, then install the Ralink RT2860 drivers from
Linksys Wireless Adapters with Ralink Chipsets (read the readme.txt thoroughly)
or from the manufacturer (this is super slow)
Mediatek/Ralink drivers for Windows, just find the RT2860.

Also, uninstall the Linksys Wireless Manager if you are using it. Essentially, anything with Linksys on it - uninstall. Install the chipset manufacturer's drivers, and let Windows manage the connection.
I have a question. Was it always like that or something happened?
A very good guide to solve wireless bandwidth issues on windows 7 can be found here
Please feed back
Hi, what wireless adapter (model number) do you have on the desktop?
What is your desktop model? Sorry the CPU-Z test is mostly for system diagnostics, not much help with this issue...
What did you use to test the download speed,
Is it possible for you to connect your router to the desktop via hardwire, disable wireless, and then test download speed?
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csg_int_itAuthor Commented:
Stergium - It wasn't always this way. Something happened but I am unsure what. I cannot recall anything significant that would be a red flare. I did use for the download speeds.

Terry - It's a home built PC. The wireless adapter model is a WMP600N. Windows Device Manager is showing the correct driver installed. I have not been able to physically wire the desktop to the router yet. I hope to do so tonight.

I am at work, so any troubleshooting will have to be done later. Either when I get home or when my roommate can power on the desktop.

Hi Justin, after you have done the test with hardwire, can you test the desktop wireless with security turned off? Just to eliminate some confounding factors...
csg_int_itAuthor Commented:
Terry - I had done so previously using wireless. With no improved results. Or did you mean test it specifically while hardwired?
No just wireless with no security, but if you tried that already that's great we'll leave it at that! Cheers..Terry
csg_int_itAuthor Commented:
Wired into the computer improved my download speed to 29MBps.
csg_int_itAuthor Commented:
You sir/ma'am are a Godsend. I'm now getting around 10MBps on wireless, which is acceptable for me. Thanks a lot!
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