XenApp 6.5 Published desktops over slow WAN Links

Hi, I am looking for some other ways to help improve the speed of published desktops to our branch offices with slower WAN links for our XA65 farm (approx 100 users across 12 sites. Links range between 1-4MB)

Currently its still a bit clunky for my liking at these branch offices, however when you reduce the appearance colours to 8bit, the speed improves out of site, only issue is that the colours are that crap that is not really acceptable. There isn't much speed between 24bit & 32bit colours. The issues are as follows:
Very slow/clunky scrolling on both websites & documents

Our DataCentre is hosted in our Head office Branch. Anyone running their session locally at that site experiences near perfect sessions (approx 60 users). So pretty happy with the setup & performance of the Farm locally. I can't really tell the difference between my published desktop & local desktop which is great.

About our Farm:
Server 2008 R2 Hosts (all MS updates are up to date)
XA65 hosts (Rollup pack 2 installed)
2 x Data Collector (RP2 installed)
1 x Web Interface
1 x Gateway (In DMZ)
DB Host
2 x License Server
3 x Profile servers

I have followed all of the Citrix best practice whitepapers for optimising sessions over slow WAN links and every other best practice paper I could find. All the latest appropriate hotfixes, rollup packs etc are installed.

I don't think Latency is an issue, most of our sites average between 5-10ms latency.
The Links even though they are small don't really seem to be constantly hammered from Citrix Traffic.
When testing out of office hours (when no users online), the performance at the branch offices is not much different.
We have riverbed appliances at all of our branch offices to accelerate the traffic.
Tinkered with settings for both Adaptive & progressive displays.  

I'm out of ideas about what to do next. Perhaps there is some tweaks that can be made at the web interface server?
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Can u test using terminal service remote desktop.if it 's still the same then not much thing you can do.

Is it a must to launche desktop rather than xenapp using web interface?
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Actually, ICA and Citrix have a number of screen enhancements over RDP so in this case, it's not really a valid comparison.

Have you investigated the speedscreen latency (mouse and keyboard echo) settings as these, out of the box, tend to be too high (50ms and 500ms from memory).

Have you looked at the Citrix best practices optimisation document here http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131577 ?

Also have you looked at the progressive display features?
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
So in the web interface you can go into Xenapp web sites->select your external site->manage session settings->remote connection->connection performance->set color quality to 16bit and sound to low as a test.

You should see an improvement from that.
Riverbed is a good product.

How are you handling printing? Do you have it QOS'd? Is the printing session printing or direct? Do you have riverbed handling the printer?

It is possible that the river bed could be slowing down the ICA connections. Have you tried to bypass the riverbed? If you are doing direct printing you can send the print jobs still through the riverbed.

What is your link speed at the DC out to the clients?

Just some thoughts..


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HowzattAuthor Commented:
Re the WI changes, I will test and get back to you.

Re printing, currently using a combo of Citrix UPD & native drivers. I need to sit down one day soon and do a bit of trial and error to see what works best. However for this purpose I'm doing all of my tests outside of office hours when there is no printing.

Re Riverbed, I don't know heaps about them, but they don't seem too difficult to manage. There doesn't seem to be anything obvious showing packet loss etc. If anything it is accelerating everything Nicely. I can test without the Riverbed sometime over the next few days.

The Link speed out of our DC is 10MB
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
To be honest the 10 mb link out may be the issue. You have all the citrix traffic plus web browsing traffic. Not to mention if you are are offering an services outside. Those web interface settings will help

Are you direct printing from the Citrix server to a network printer or the printers mapped to the clients and passed through citrix?
HowzattAuthor Commented:
The 10MB link is just for traffic between our DC and branch offices.
Any external traffic (internet, email, etc) all run through a small ADSL service on the other side of our DMZ.

But yes I agree it could be the issue. However it still doesn't really explain why it is still outside of office hours (effectively when the 10MB link at our DC is at a minimum)

Re Printing, there is a UPS configured. UPC is installed on the hosts.
We have 3 main models around the branches:
2 x Multifunction (One is A3, the other is A4)
1 x stand alone network printer

The Citrix UPD works fine with the stand alone printer, however we have to use native drivers for the multifunctions as the Citrix UPD does not allow us to use the additional features on a multifunction (eg stapling, folding, etc).
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
Do you have a way of monitoring the traffic between sites?

So the UPS is sending the print jobs directly to the network printers correct?

HowzattAuthor Commented:
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